Hover bike

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Hover bike
HoverBike IG.png
TypeLightweight hovercraft
WeaponsFull-automatic forward-mounted laser cannon
Speed46-138 kph / 28.6-85 mph
Cargo capacity12 slots
Seating1 seat

Crafting station

Hover bike is a vehicle in Osiris: New Dawn.

Background[edit | edit source]

Fast, sleek, and maneuverable, with low durability and limited cargo space. Armed with a full-automatic laser that has low damage but good rate of fire.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Hover Bike is a nimble and highly reactive vehicle, offering high speed and maneuverability in a compact design. Able to travel up to 46kph/28.6mph without boosting (138kph/85mph with boost), the hover bike is ideal for quick transit, scouting and resource gathering runs. It floats several feet above the ground and is capable of strafing in all directions, rapid acceleration and deceleration, as well as quick turning within milliseconds. The hover bike also sports a nose-mounted laser cannon with a decent rate of fire and damage output. The cannon is fixed, aiming it turns the whole vehicle, but because of the agility of the Hover Bike it is easy to track targets.

Although it is a highly maneuverable vehicle, it has several drawbacks. While boosting, the vehicle draws power from the weapons systems, and thus the cannon cannot fire. It has the smallest cargo space of all available vehicles (12 slots), is not as durable, nor as easily able to handle obstacles as well as the G.A.V. or Rover. The driver may find himself having to repair his vehicle more often than usual due to jarring bumps and landings.

For the astronaut looking to cover lots of distance and catch some serious air, the Hover Bike is the ideal vehicle.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Accelerate / Decelerate and Reverse
keys: W, S
keys: A, D
Turning / Aiming the cannon
mouse movement
To Fire
left click
Zoom Aim
right click
Speed up / Boost