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Structures are the constituent elements of the colony. Build on essentially a grid, the different components can be snapped together to create large colony complexes for growing food, research, and simply living.

Most structures are modular and are built as a central skeleton. The astronauts then fill in the sections with wall panels and other equipment of their choosing.

List of structures[edit | edit source]

  • Airlock: The entrance point into a colony complex.
  • Barracks: A living structure, where astronauts can build personal interior items like beds or a shower.
  • Bio Dome: Serves as a garden where food and other items can be grown.
  • Habitat: A multi-purpose hub of the base system.
  • Hallway and cross hallway: Connects the modules together.
  • Laboratory: A large open-air structure for building vehicles and droids.
  • Inflatable dome: An emergency survival shelter and the most primitive housing found on a planet.
  • Space Station: A station orbiting Proteus 2, cannot be used right now.

The current maximum for structures on a single planet is 200, or 20 per player.

The Colony