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Classification4th moon of Thesius Prime
Temperature-478°C to -82°C

Aziel is the fourth moon of Thesius Prime. The snowblinding landscape, the harsh climate and icy storms gives home to ferocious alien life-forms.

The lava on Aziel can be more dangerous than the hostile creatures, if you get too close or land in the lava you will face death.

Known species[edit | edit source]

Currently known life-forms living on Aziel.

Hostile[edit | edit source]

Neutral[edit | edit source]

These creatures will not attack but run away when attacked.

Resources[edit | edit source]

NOTE: due to current changes in mining mechanics and the introduction of base metal nodes and precious metal nodes, many old resource nodes have been removed and the overall number of nodes has been reduced as well. The following coordinates may or may not be correct, mostly for aluminum, copper, iron and titanium.
Since it is not clear how long these changes will last, the removal of currently obsolete nodes will be on hold, because we do not know if there will be a rollback to the old mining system. As soon as the devs decide how to proceed, this article will be updated accordingly.
For now, please only add new coordinates. If you happen to notice that some coordinates are not correct, add a short remark under "notes" so others may notice.

There is a valley with large rocks at 6.4 Lat, 3.8 Long containing many resources like precious metal, lithium, copper, nickel, tungsten, obsidian, mercury etc.

Gases[edit | edit source]

Lat Long Area Name Notes
6.4 7.7 NitroCamp1
Lat Long Area Name Notes
16.7 18.0

Metals[edit | edit source]

Lat Long Area Name Notes
5.9 -0.5
6.3 1.8
6.3 3.6

Nickel, 4.0 Lat 8.4 Long.

Lat Long Area name Notes
8.2 7.4 two Aluminum deposits, 1 iron deposit, and three mercury deposits nearby
4.9 6.0 2 rocks
Lat Long Area Name Notes
6.5 7.4
Lat Long Area Name Notes
16.7 4.6
-10.5 -7,2
Lat Long Area Name Notes
6.7 -0.1 Look around

Minerals[edit | edit source]

Lat Long Area Name Notes
Azurnium can be found on asteroids in the orbit of Proteus 2
Lat Long Area Name Notes
3.9 4.7
25.1 24.0
24.1 29.7 Inbetween 2 x Lithium spawns v1.111
Lat Long Area Name Notes
8.4 9.3 two carbon deposits and one magnesium deposit
4.6 2.3 Carbon node and Iron node
29.3 24.3 (english !) Diamond
Lat Long Area Name Notes
7 0

Organic materials[edit | edit source]

Lava Leaves
Lat Long Area Name Notes
6.5 -0.3 (bugged)
13 33
50 35 Lava without Lava Leaves
23.5 43
24.2 45

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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