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A colony is a territory on an extraterrestrial astronomical body, such as an exoplanet or a moon, claimed and controlled by at least one astronaut.

Colonization[edit | edit source]

While a player automatically claims a territory when placing the inflatable dome on unclaimed ground, a colony can only be joined by other players if it was officially created. This can be achieved via clicking on create colony and giving it a custom name (currently disabled). Other players can then be added using the multi-tool when approaching their avatar. Note that players have to be from the same faction in order to be part of a colony.

Creating a new colony, step by step, by opening the inventory (TAB).
Giving access to a forge.

Adding other players to an existing colony gives them access to any structure, utility and furniture that is constructed after they joined. In order to give them access to previously built objects, the creator of the colony needs to give access manually using the multi-tool on each object ("make public to colony"). It is recommended to officially create and name a colony as soon as possible in order to avoid the rather tedious manual authorization, ideally right after using the patch tape when starting a new game - if other players want full access to all objects. If a player does not want to give access to all objects, it is advised to create a colony at a later point in time, since giving access can not be reverted currently.