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An Engineer and a Ranger on patrol.

The multiplayer experience in Osiris: New Dawn offers the same content as singleplayer. Players can either join official servers or create a customized private universe, adjusted to their ideal conceptions. While singleplayer allows to explore the entire Gliese 851 system all by oneself, multiplayer additionally offers grouping up with friends and strangers alike to enjoy PvE and PvP together.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

Main article: List of current missions

As of build 0.1.156, missions for singleplayer and multiplayer are the same.

Official servers[edit | edit source]

The official servers (public universes) give players a pre-set multiplayer experience. Each region offers several different servers with different difficulties, divided into PvP and PvE. In order to access a server, a new avatar has to be created first. After character creation, a server has to be picked and joined in order to save the avatar (otherwise one has to start over with character creation).

The list of avatars (before launching) displays created characters sorted by region. At the top right, a drop-down menu allows to change the region and access other avatars created. It is not possible to switch between regions or servers. A new avatar has to be created for each region and server.

Private universe[edit | edit source]

A private universe is a custom universe created by other players. Before entering or creating a private universe, an avatar needs to be created first. After character creation is finished, the list of available private universes is displayed. If no private universe is available, the player can create one. Creating a private universe is just like creating a singleplayer universe (the customization screen is identical, but now allows to select a mode (PvP or PvE) and a region).

Once a private universe has been created, it is displayed on the server list, however will be visible to the universe creator and invited players only. Selecting a private universe allows to join it, universe creators can also re-enter the customization screen and edit all settings (except for region) when clicking on customize. Here, it is also possible to invite (or remove) other players using the Steam friends list. Invites are currently limited to five friends per private universe.

All invited players can access the private universe at any time, there is no need for the universe creator to be online.

If a private universe has been created, the universe creator can edit the settings and/or (un)invite friends by clicking on the cogs symbol next to the avatar (just like in singleplayer). Private universe avatars also are sorted by region (can be switched via drop-down menu above the avatar list).

Currently, there is no option to make private universes public and thus visible to non-invited players. Also, a player can only create one private universe. Playing on other private universes requires an invite from other universe creators.

Colonies[edit | edit source]

A colony is a territory on an extraterrestrial astronomical body, such as an exoplanet or a moon, claimed and controlled by at least one astronaut.

While a player automatically claims a territory when placing a structure on unclaimed ground, a colony can only be joined by other players if it was officially created. This can be achieved via clicking on create colony and giving it a custom name (currently disabled). Other players can then be added using the multi-tool when approaching their avatar. Note that players have to be from the same faction in order to be part of a colony.

Creating a new colony, step by step, by opening the inventory (TAB).
Giving access to a forge.

Adding other players to an existing colony automatically gives them access to any structure, utility and furniture that is constructed after they joined. In order to give them access to previously built objects, the creator of the colony needs to give access manually using the multi-tool on each object ("make public to colony"). It is recommended to officially create and name a colony as soon as possible in order to avoid the rather tedious manual authorization, ideally right after using the patch tape when starting a new game - if other players want full access to all objects. If a player does not want to give access to all objects, it is advised to create a colony at a later point in time, since giving access can not be reverted currently.

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