Crab monster

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Crab monster
Monster Crab.png
TypeArthropod Predator

Crab monster is an alien encountered in Osiris: New Dawn.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

This vicious arthropod is a fairly common sight on Proteus 2, and can be a menace to astronauts who pick a fight with it. It's a particularly territorial beast and fights by exploiting its terrifying bulk and weight, charging and trampling its victims.

Attacking the head and legs appears to do less damage than attacking its underbelly: Players seem to score critical hits from beneath the creature far more often. If this seems too daunting, the creatures have a secondary weakness: Their legs can be destroyed. Attacking any one leg repeatedly will cause it to sever, stunning the beast for a moment. In addition, should two of the crab's legs be severed (same side or opposite sides of the body does not matter), the creature will drop dead, regardless of how much health it had left. This can be VERY helpful early on, stretching out ammo reserves and melee weapon durability before a player sets up a proper base.

Crab Monster variants include:

  • Young Crabmonster
  • Female Crabmonster
  • Adult Crabmonster

Item Drops[edit | edit source]

Possible Items drops: Crab Meat, Crab Shell, Crab Claw.

Parts scavenged from the corpses of these creatures can be fashioned into a Crab Hut.

Gallery[edit | edit source]