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The customization screen allows players to change the difficulty settings when creating a universe in singleplayer or private multiplayer mode. Several sliders can be adjusted to create an individual gameplay experience. The settings can be edited at any time by selecting an avatar and clicking on "edit universe rules".

Customization options[edit | edit source]

Depending on the game mode, players can customize different aspects of the universe they want to create or edit. In singleplayer mode, it is only possible to change the experienced difficulty. In multiplayer mode, creating and editing a private universe also allows to select between PvP and PvE, as well as the location of the server the custom universe should be hosted on. Other players can be invited from the Steam friends list. The universe name can not be changed.

Available servers[edit | edit source]

  • North America: US West (USW) / US East (US) / Canada (CAE)
  • South America (SA)
  • Europa (EU)
  • Asia (Asia)
  • Japan (JP)
  • Australia (AU)

Available sliders[edit | edit source]

All sliders influence values for the entire universe that is to be created/edited. Changes are not player specific, they always affect all players.

Aliens[edit | edit source]

These sliders change the difficulty a player will be faced with when fighting against aliens. It is possible to change the number of entities (NoE), which impacts the overall number of creatures spawned. Modifying the alien attack damage (AAD) changes how much damage creatures deal to the player, while alien health (AH) alters creature HP (health points).

Note: the Giant worm will always spawn, even if the NoE is set to "none".

Type Setting
NoE none casual
dangerous infested
AAD pathetic weak normal powerful vicious
AH fragile soft normal tough fortress

Resources[edit | edit source]

These sliders impact the resources a player can gather by mining, specifically rocks. The resource yield amount (RYA) defines how many resources the player will receive after a certain chunk of a node disintegrates. The resource recharge (RR) changes the respawn rate of rocks, while the special loot chance (SLC) influences the probability of receiving additional resources when mining.

Note: trees are only affected by RYA, geysers are not affected at all.

Type Setting
RYA minimal low normal high max
RR very slow slow normal quick very quick
SLC super rare rare normal frequent common

Player[edit | edit source]

These sliders influence character progression. The player XP modifier (XPM) multiplies the base XP gain accordingly. The player proficiency modifier (PPM) determines how fast a player can level up proficiencies, while points per level up (PPL) adjusts the number of stat points a player receives after a level up.

Type Setting
XPM x0.5 normal x2 x3 x4
PPM x0.5 normal x2 x3 x4
PPL +1 +2 +3 +4 +5

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