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Furniture is the third category of craftable items, covering personal items (such as beds and showers) and decorations.

List of furniture[edit | edit source]

  • Chemistry Table: A chemistry table is a specialized indoor crafting tabl that transforms many gases and liquids into more cmplex items. Build inside a habitat.
  • Bin: A bin s used to grow crops inside of the biodome. Requires some layer maintenance to grow crops.
  • Fabricator: A fabricator is an indoor crafting table that uses advanced technology to print new complex items from basic components. Build inside a habitat.
  • Oxygenator: An oxygenator wil automatically supple oxygen to a pressurized habitat. When you enter a pressurized habitat installed with an oxygeator, you will start replenishing Oxygen regarless of your suit's condition.
  • Bed: A bed can be used to save your progress and also replenish a bit of health. Build inside a barracks.
  • Climate Controller: A climate controller must be build to regulate the temperature inside living quarter. Build inside a Habitat.
  • Computer Desk: A computer desk can be used as a decrypt station. Build inside a Habitat or Barracks.
  • Couch: A couch can be used to unwind and replenish your vitals. Build iside a Barracks.
  • Storage Locker: A storage locker is a large indoor storage container. Build inside a Habitat.
  • Crates: Crates are a small indoor storage container. Build inside a Habitat.
  • Kitchen: A kitchen can be used to cook raw food items ans boost their nutrition content. Build inside a Habitat.
  • Shower: A shower can be used to wash off and relax. Will replenish vitals ans remove any toxins. Build inside a barracks.
  • Smart Bin: A bin used to grow crops inside of the bio dome. With it's automation the bin will water and maintain the plants all on its own.
  • Water Reclaimer: A water reclaimer serves a perpetual water filling bottles. Build inside a Habitat.
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