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GAV IG.png
WeaponsDorsal dual laser cannon
Speed72 kph / 45 mph
Cargo capacity24 slots
Seating2 seats

Crafting station

G.A.V. is a vehicle in Osiris: New Dawn.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A six-wheeled armored all-terrain vehicle, equipped with a dorsal dual laser cannon. The G.A.V. can reach a top speed of 72kph/45mph forward and 54kph/33mph reversed, however its off-road abilities are worse than the Rover's, as front of the vehicle tends to hit ground bumps easier, causing the G.A.V. to take damage, it can sometimes flip, in such incident you can flip it by pressing G after exiting the vehicle. As of the Architect update, the G.A.V. only has 2 storage slots. It also requires hydrazine for fuel, which can be done manually with glass containers of hydrazine, or automatically with a small liquid tank containing hydrazine. Fuel tank holds 100 units, or two glass jars.

For the astronaut looking to sport some bit extra firepower, the G.A.V. is the way to roll.

Tip: Currently provides little to no protection from alien attacks other than via mobility. (As of late, vehicles shield occupants, their durability taking damage rather than your health bar.)

Controls[edit | edit source]

speed and slowdown
keys: W, S
to steer
keys: A, D
turn the cannon
mouse movement
to fire
left click

Possible Bugs[edit | edit source]

Cargo Capacity is only 2 storage spots, might be designed that way. Visibility is only thru 1st person, as in from inside the vehicle. Visibility is very poor, strange considering that the Rover view is 3rd person. Can go to third person view with the V key.