Gliese 581 planetary system

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Gliese 581 planetary system
Map System Gliese581.png

The Gliese 581 planetary system is the gravitationally bound system comprising the star Gliese 581 and the objects that orbit it.[1]
It provides the reality-based setting for Osiris: New Dawn and consists of six planets and several moons, all of which can be explored to some degree.

Gliese 581[edit | edit source]

Gliese 581
ClassificationStar, M Dwarf
Luminosity0.2 Earth Sun
Distance20 Light Years
Temperature3200K (kelvin)

Gliese 581 is a spectral type star M3V (a red dwarf) burning in approx. 3,200 Kelvin (K). In Osiris: New Dawn, it assumes a bluish hue, which would place it in the A, B or O classifications, burning between 7,500K and 25,000K, and with an estimated mass between 3.5 and 60 times our sun. Gliese 581 is orbited by six (6) planets, Gliese 581b-g.

Celestial bodies[edit | edit source]

Planets[edit | edit source]

Gliese 581e[edit | edit source]

Gliese 581 E, known as Zer (Class: volcanic, mass 1.7 Earths)

Thesius Prime[edit | edit source]

Thesius Prime
ClassificationPlanet, Gas Giant
DesignationGliese 581-b
SystemGliese 581
Mass5.5 Earths
Distance0.04 AU
Orbital Period5.4 days

Gliese 581 B, known as Thesius Prime (Class: Gas Giant, mass 15.8 Earths) with 4 Moons:

Gliese 581c[edit | edit source]

Gliese 581 C (Class: Super Earth, mass 5.5 Earths)

Gliese 581g[edit | edit source]

Gliese 581 G (Class: Super Earth, mass 2.2 Earths)

Gliese 581d[edit | edit source]

Gliese 581 D (Class: Super Earth, mass 6.7 Earths)

Gliese 581f[edit | edit source]

Gliese 581 F (Class: Rocky, mass 5.8 Earths)

Asteroids[edit | edit source]

Visual summary[edit | edit source]

Planets are sorted by distance to star (from left to right); moons are placed below the planets they orbit and sorted by distance to planet (from top to bottom).

Gliese 581 system
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Icon BlankPlanetMoon.jpg
Icon BlankPlanetMoon.jpg
Icon BlankPlanetMoon.jpg Icon BlankPlanetMoon.jpg
Gliese 581
(Gliese 581e)
Thesius Prime
(Gliese 581b)
(Geliese 581c)
(Geliese 581g)
(Geliese 581d)
(Geliese 581f)
Icon BlankPlanetMoon.jpg

(Gliese 581b-1)
Icon BlankPlanetMoon.jpg
(Gliese 581b-2)
Icon Proteus2.png
Proteus 2
(Gliese 581b-3)
Icon Aziel.jpg
(Gliese 581b-4)

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