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Health and Suit Integrity Image
Health and Suit Integrity

Health is a statistics measuring the amount of life in your astronaut before they become stone dead.

How to gain health[edit | edit source]

  • Resting restores a moderate amount of health (either using a bed or the sleeping bag in the inflatable dome).
  • Using bandages or a Medkit.
  • Avoiding any of the below situations helps maintain good health.

How to lose health[edit | edit source]

  • Any breach in the space suit will cause the environment to intrude on the astronaut's body. As such:
    • Overheating or freezing due to temperature differences can lead to demise.
    • Starvation and dehydration can cause the astronaut to expire and cease to be, respectively.
    • Suffocation due to no oxygen will result in the astronaut going to meet their maker.
  • Getting caught in a (meteor) storm will definitely cause the astronaut to become a late (dead) astronaut.
  • Bothering aliens is a sure-fire way for them to become a stiff, bereft of life.
  • Don't forget that an encounter with hostile astronauts from other factions will lead to the astronaut resting in peace (or pieces, depending on the manner of death).
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