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Hydration refers to providing your body with enough
. Together with nutrition, it's necessary to maintain performance while exploring planets, hacking apart aliens, and gunning down other astronauts.

****As of the Architect Update, Hydration is broken, and never depletes. Expect a fix in the future.****[edit | edit source]

Procuring Water[edit | edit source]

  • As with nutrition, you will find a small supply of water and food in the survival kit in the beginning. Water replenishes the space suit's supply and keeps your astronaut hydrated - but it's generally a good idea to return home and restock. Some foodstuffs can also provide hydration.
  • Restocking is usually done with the help of a water reclaimer.
  • Restocking can also be done by Crafting new water in the Chemistry Table and in the Chem Station.

Recipe are here :

Procuring Sap[edit | edit source]

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