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Nutrition[edit | edit source]

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Nutrition is eating food. Food prevents death.

Healthy Eating[edit | edit source]

Osiris: New Dawn abstracts food into a single indicator: Nutrition. Each food has a different nutrition value (which can be increased by processing it at a kitchen) and, of course, has to be ingested to have an effect. Staring at food all day long will only fill your poor astronaut with longing.

Finding Food[edit | edit source]

To grow crops that can be processed into edible material, use a bio dome for farming. You can also harvest Berries at the Berry Tree or other plants that can be found in the game.
For the adventurous, there's always hunting down aliens and feasting on their flesh. The alien meat needs to be prepared in the kitchen or grilled in the Forge, before you can safely eat it.

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