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Welcome to the Osiris: New Dawn Official Wiki!
Welcome to the Osiris: New Dawn Official Wiki!
The UNE-sanctioned handbook for astronauts, by astronauts.
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Current Game Version: Build 0.1.122 (30 May 2017)  •  Patch Notes
What is Osiris: New Dawn?

After crash landing on the planet Proteus 2, you must fight to survive the horrors of the treacherous and unforgiving planet. You are challenged to put your ingenuity to the test. With the many varied creatures roaming the land, you will need to hunt, craft, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to survive on not just Proteus 2, but other discoverable planets as well... [ Read more... ]

  • Food, water, dynamic weather including temperature
  • Extensive crafting system and resources gathering
  • Fighting against indigenous aliens
  • Research and skills
  • Persistent, large worlds and meta-universe
Upcoming features