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Latest Patch Notes

Build 0.1.156 (28 Septeber 2017)

Lost and found update.jpg

Update 0.1.156 - Lost and Found Update (Patch Notes)
Remember the good ol’ days wandering the original Proteus 2 map with your trusty sidekick O.M.P.A.? Well, we’ve re-established contact with BOTH! You read that correctly, The Lost & Found Update has brought back both the O.M.P.A. and the original Proteus 2 map.

What does this mean? It means the O.M.P.A. has been re-wired, re-worked, and revamped to be better than ever. And as for the original Proteus 2 map coming back, don’t worry about it replacing the current Proteus 2 map, it’s more of an extension. Or think of it simply as the other side of the world. Basically after crash landing on the current Proteus 2 map you can walk towards the sand dunes and be prompted to travel to the original Proteus 2 map.

For further information on additions, tweaks, and fixes in The Lost & Found Update, please see the details below.

How the O.M.P.A. Has Changed

  • You can craft multiple O.M.P.A.s (make an army of them if you please).
  • We’ve created a command menu specifically for the O.M.P.A.s, where you can control/direct 4 at any given time.
  • The O.M.P.A has its own skill tree. Meaning, it’s up to you how you want to improve its performance.
  • The O.M.P.A. now has a persistent existence, so you can fully customize its color, as well as manage its internal inventory.
  • If you lose your O.M.P.A. you can teleport it to your location for half its energy.

Original Proteus 2 Map Returning

  • You can travel to the original Proteus 2 map from the sand dunes on the current Proteus 2 map.
  • Original Proteus 2 map is now Site B, while current is Site A.
  • When traveling between Site A and B of Proteus 2, you can also do it inside as either the driver or the passenger.

Other Improvements & Fixes

  • We’ve improved traveling between planets to help reduce incidents of players losing their spaceship.
  • In single player, we’ve corrected the issue where people’s destroyed structures were reappearing.
  • Fixed an issue where the game sometimes crashed when flying a spaceship.

External Patch Notes: