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Welcome to the Osiris: New Dawn Official Wiki!
Welcome to the Osiris: New Dawn Official Wiki!
The UNE-sanctioned handbook for astronauts, by astronauts.
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About Osiris: New Dawn?

After crash landing on Proteus 2, the beautiful, desolate moon soon reveals its treacherous and unforgiving side. With unknown hostile alien species roaming the land, survival depends on overcoming many different challenges. Hunting, crafting, growing crops, as well as research and engineering evolves into a desperate race to escape the moon's gravity. Read more ]

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Current Version: Build 0.1.162 (32 days ago)  •  Version history

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Update 0.1.162 - Into the Fray
It’s time to prepare for a battle like you’ve never known. We’ve added two new creatures, unique in their own respects, yet equally terrifying in what they are capable of. We’re also introducing two new weapons with which to defend yourself against these formidable foes. [ Read more ]

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