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Welcome to the Osiris: New Dawn Official Wiki!
Welcome to the Osiris: New Dawn Official Wiki!
The UNE-sanctioned handbook for astronauts, by astronauts.
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About Osiris: New Dawn?

After crash landing on Proteus 2, the beautiful, desolate moon soon reveals its treacherous and unforgiving side. With unknown hostile alien species roaming the land, survival depends on overcoming many different challenges. Hunting, crafting, growing crops, as well as research and engineering evolves into a desperate race to escape the moon's gravity. Read more ]

Latest Patch Notes

Current Version: Build 0.1.169 (1007 days ago)  •  Version history


Update 0.1.169 - The Rise of Zer
Deck the halls with molten lava! ‘Tis the season for the Rise of Zer update. Prepare yourself for entirely new environmental challenges and fearsome indigenous creatures. We have included many features, such as an attachment system, and revamped some items, such as the UI. We’ve also performed a few fixes for common issues and removed the abandonment timer. But that’s not all! The following is a comprehensive list of all that this update entails.

Have fun unwrapping all of this and happy holidays, from the Fenix Fire team! [ Read more ]

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