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Oxygen (crafting)[edit | edit source]

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Obtaining oxygen (or any other gas from a geyser) requires a Barrel.

An oxygen geyser on Proteus 2.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The following coordinates are player confirmed areas with oxygen geysers:

Proteus 2 - Site A

  • Patch v0.1.180
    • Icon Map.png lat -3.9°, long -17.1° - 1 geyser
    • Icon Map.png lat -19.0°, long 4.0° - 1 geyser
    • Icon Map.png lat -20.3°, long 1.2° - 1 geyser
    • Icon Map.png lat -16.5°, long -3.0° - 1 geyser
    • Icon Map.png lat -6.4°, long -18.0° - 1 geyser
    • Icon Map.png lat -7.0°, long -22.4° - 1 geyser
    • Icon Map.png lat -8.9°, long -22.9° - 1 geyser
    • Icon Map.png lat 4.3°, long -19.3° - 2 geysers within ±2°
    • Icon Map.png lat 7.0°, long -22.4° - 1 geyser

Oxygen (space suit)[edit | edit source]

Although there are geysers which vent pure oxygen, the atmosphere is too hostile and does not have breathable air. To counter this, the life support system of the astronaut's space suit will automatically attempt to recover oxygen if consumed at higher rates than usual. The O2 indicator displays the current amount of oxygen saturated air within the suit. The amount of breathable air, respectively oxygen concentration will drop while performing arduous tasks (such as sprinting), or if the space suit is damaged.

Once breached, the air supply will begin to drain in proportion to suit integrity until the suit is repaired with either patch tape or masking tape. Small breaches will result in slow oxygen depletion, but the life support system can counter this if breathable air is retrieved at a similar rate. More severe breaches will result in rapid oxygen loss, with the suit quickly venting in a matter of seconds. Once the suit's oxygen supply has been depleted, the astronaut will begin to suffocate, gradually losing health until either he/she dies, or reaches a habitat with an oxygenator installed, as the suit's life support system cannot restore the oxygen supply on its own once it reaches 0%.

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