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Proficiencies are one of three sets of characteristics defining astronauts, the other two being character statistics and skills. Proficiencies grow with consistent use of the item, representing the accumulated experience of your astronaut.

List[edit | edit source]

Category Name Increasing
Every point gained in Combat proficiencies adds a Combat point to spend on skills.
Melee Use melee weapons (including the chisel).
Light weapons Use light weapons, such as pistols.
Heavy weapons Use rifles or other weapons of this type.
Special weapons Use sniper rifles or other special armaments.
Tactical weapons
Every point gained adds an Engineering point to spend on skills.
Mining Mine minerals.
Industrial Proficiency Build and repair structures, utilities, and furniture.
Military Engineering Deal damage with vehicles, droids, and turrets.
Mechatronics Build vehicles and droids.
Aerospace Proficiency Build spaceships, rockets, and space station modules.
Every point gained adds a Science point to spend on skills.
Chemistry Craft items at a Chemistry Table.
Botany Plant and maintain crops at the Bio dome.
Biochemistry Craft medical supplies and enhancements
Computer Science Decrypt blueprints from cryptexes.
Zoology Research Analyze and study (kill) wildlife.

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