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Single-player campaign

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Customization screen.

The Single-player campaign is exactly the same as the multiplayer campaign, except you play alone.

Simply follow the instructions in the Quest Log pane on the left side of the screen.

For more detailed information on your current quest, Press Tab and click on the Quest Information button.

  • FIX SUIT BREACH: Immediately repair the breach in your space suit with the provided Patch Tape.
  • TOGGLE CAMERA PERSPECTIVE: Toggle your view with the "V" key by default.
  • (OPTIONAL) Gather supplies from your wrecked spacecraft.
  • MAKE LANDFALL: Escape the sand dunes and locate stable land.
  • (REQUIRED BUT NOT LISTED AS A QUEST) Gather loose rock scattered on the ground. These are found in valleys and ravines.
  • (REQUIRED BUT NOT LISTED AS A QUEST) Open your Primitive Crafting tab in your inventory and create a "Bashing Rock".
  • (REQUIRED BUT NOT LISTED AS A QUEST) Use the "Bashing Rock" to mine base metal nodes. Your goal is to find a rare element from Iron nodes called Plutonium.
  • BUILD STONE OVEN: Now that you've made it to solid land, you should build yourself a stone oven so you can process raw materials. This will be necessary if you want to build anything more advanced. Find rocks by searching the area with your locator and plutonium from base minerals (Illustrated with a solid blue diamond on your map).
  • (OPTIONAL) Use the loose rock to create a Primitive Work Bench in the Utilities tab.
  • (OPTIONAL) Begin smelting ore in your Stone Oven to create Ingots of various types.
  • (OPTIONAL) Find Tree Sap. By now, your character will be thirsty, and the globules from a Sap Tree can be harvested with your glass containers for consumption. Odds are you will not have access to the advanced crafting yet that can help you create water.
  • FINDING OSIRIS 1: Locate the Osiris 1 Base.
  • INVESTIGATE OSIRIS 1: Investigate the base and find out what happened to Osiris 1 and their operations.
  • INVESTIGATE OSIRIS 1: Look for a way to reconnect with Earth and get home.
  • (OPTIONAL BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) You will likely need a weapon to make your way through the mine. Make sure you've forged one by this point.
  • INVESTIGATE OSIRIS 1: Take the access key to Mine: Baldur at coordinates -8.5 LAT, -19.3 LONG and find the missing commander.
  • POWER UP THE N.A.C.: Power up and use the Network Access Computer in Mine: Baldur.
  • ACCESS THE N.A.C. FROM MINE: BALDUR: Communicate with Earth via the N.A.C.

As of Version 1.131, there are no further steps to complete the main campaign quest.

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