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TypeSkeliopod, Opportunistic hunter
SizeSmall - Medium
StanceModerately Aggresive

Skeliopod is an alien encountered in Osiris: New Dawn.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A fast slithery creature, the Skeliopod is one of the most common aliens sighted on Proteus 2. Upon sighting the player, the skeliopod will take a somewhat relaxed approach to attacking the player, often randomly slithering around the player before making a beeline towards them. This makes them easy to take out alone, but dangerous in groups. Skeliopods have also been known to flee from battle at very low health.

Skeliopod variants include:

  • Larvae Skeliopod - Level 01 variant found on Proteus 2
  • Adult Skeliopod - Level 02 variant found on Proteus 2
  • Acidic Skeliopod - Level 03 variant found on Proteus 2

Items Drops[edit | edit source]

Possible item drops: Skeliopod sac, skeliopod shell.

Parts scavenged from the corpses of these creatures can be fashioned into a Skeliopod Hut.

Alternatively these creature also shed their skin, which you can gather.

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