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Space ship
Spaceship IG.png
Speed350-915 km/h (217-568 mph), 170-415 km/h (105-258 mph) in space
Cargo capacity40 slots
Seating1 seat

10 Icon Wire.png Wire

Crafting station

Space ship is a vehicle in Osiris: New Dawn.

Background[edit | edit source]

A vertical take-off and landing space ship, capable of blasting across the planet in moments. Unarmed.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

An incredibly graceful and fast vehicle, capable of achieving escape velocity and entering orbit around the planet - and then traveling beyond. Note: as of v1.131. The space ship does not use any fuel.

This craft is the most useful but also the hardest to use.

In order to learn how to fly this bird. I will need to give you a crash course in flying. Please refer to controls for quick reference.

Keys: W S up and down (Pitch)

Keys: Q and E roll the ship (Roll)

Keys: A D left and right (Yaw)

HVR (Hover)

THTL (Thrust)

Press the V key for best view.

Before takeoff set your Locator to your Beacon for your base. You should already have set up there. If not, set it up first.

Step one: Lift off.

1.Press and hold LMB until Thrust bar fills to roughly 40%. This should enable you to slowly fly the craft around and get a feel for the controls.

2.Press and hold RMB to land.

3. Repeat step one. Then skip to step four.

4. Once you feel confident press and hold LMB till you get THTL to 50%. The HVR will quickly max out and go back down, don't worry about that.

At this point you should be able to fly normally. Pitch up so you don't crash into the ground. For more speed press LMB and practice maneuvering using pitch yaw and roll.

Note: Going right or left (Yaw) too much and at high speed will make the craft roll. Counter with Q or E keys or you will flip over and crash.

5. Head back to base or selected Beacon by following the arrow. Make sure you slow down and watch your speed since this craft is much faster than anything you have operated before.


1.First slow down and select a good area to land. Preferably an area wide and flat.

2. Slow down to about 40% thrust for maneuvering.

3. Slow to 30% thrust for best control.

4. Once in position, cut power to 0%. It will take a moment for the craft to set down and shut down. Note: if the craft gets hung on something. Increase thrust slightly and move away and try again.

5. Once the HVR cuts out you can now leave. Press F to exit.

Now your ready to fly. Note you can use your Locator to find any Beacon that you have already placed. Just make sure you set it BEFORE getting back into the ship.

Flying in space:

1.Fly up to the sky until you get the option to fly into space. Press the spacebar.

Note: The controls handle very much the same way in space. Only you don't have gravity pulling you down and you can also fly in reverse by pressing and holding the RMB

2.Practice flying around in space. If you want to come back to the planet. Simply point the craft to the planet and press space bar when the command comes up to deorbit. Note: remember the moon's ID since there are several other moons in orbit.

T.L.I. Trans Lunar Injection. Traveling to the moon.

Point the craft to the nearest moon and the option should come up to fly there. Press spacebar.

Note: Yes you can land and harvest stuff on other worlds but transit is a bit buggy and you may not be able transit back home. To get around this you may need to fly to the ringed planet instead, Then fly back.

Advanced flying:

Note: this is for skillful pilots only and is not recommended. But if you really want to land on an asteroid and harvest Azurnium (currently useless ore). Then here it is.

WARNING: not following the proper steps may lead to both death and the loss of your space ship.

Note: You can barely land on an asteroid much less get out for an EVA. Plus being outside of your ship will kill you in minutes. EVA's are also problematic.

1.First find an asteroid with some blue rocks on the normally grey asteroid's surface.

2. Slow down and pick the flattest part. Note this is very tricky since the ship and asteroid will not sit still. Could be to gravity or a bug. So thrust will not always stop. Sometimes you may have to lift off and try again.

Note: Both the craft and asteroid with shake, possibly another bug but workable.

3. Try to slow down as much as possible. Then spam the F key until your out. Exiting the space craft is very bugged and may take awhile.

EVA: Note: your space suit will lose pressure the moment you leave. The more pressure you lose the faster you lose it. You have roughly two minutes time to get back into your ship or bad things will happen. WARNING: The longer your out, the faster you will lose pressure in the suit.

1.Use the WSAD keys to move around. Make sure you are using third person view (camera behind avatar) by pressing V. Note: sadly you will be stuck in a two dimensional plane but you can get around that by using the Q and E keys to change it.

2. Recommended. Practice this while staying close to your ship. Also don't lose your head and keep cool. Work at this until you feel confident before moving on.

3. Go after the ore. First make sure you are parked as closely as you can to the ore before trying this as your suit is also very slow.

4. Once you get into position of the blue ore. Switch to first person view to mine since that will make it much easier to hit.

5. Fly back to the ship and stay calm.

6. Fly home.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Controlling the spaceship[edit | edit source]

  • Enter/exit the spaceship: press "F"
  • Access the ships inventory: press "G"
  • W.S keys Up and down (Pitch)
  • A.D keys side to side (Yaw)
  • Q and E will allow you to do an aileron (Roll)
  • Spacebar allows you to leave and enter a planets atmosphere

The spaceship is controlled with both the mouse buttons and WASD keys on the keyboard (PC). First, you need to take off by pressing the left mouse button and increase thrust, this will engage hover mode. Tapping the buttons helps you understand how it works easier.

On the right of the screen there are two bar-indicators you'll need to pay close attention to when taking off and when you want to land.

The right bar is for horizontal flight-thrust. The left one indicates hovering-thrust. When the hovering-thrust indicator has maxed out, the spaceship will transition to horizontal flight automatically. Make sure the space in front of the ship is clear! You can then fly with WASD and use the right mouse button to decrease thrust. When the horizontal thrust button decreases almost to zero level, hovering thrust will gain automatically. To maneuver in hovering mode requires a delicate balance between both thrust modes and using WASD keys. Again, tapping is the key until you are used to it.

In hovering mode, "w" moves you forward and "s" backwards. In flight mode, "s" lifts the spaceship's nose, while "w" puts it down.

You can also turn on the ships light with L, which will shine directly below the ship in a very wide radius.

If the ship gets damaged, walk underneath the ship on the ground with your weapon, get out your tool and wait a moment. The prompt to repair the ship with F will appear in blue/purple (and alone). (If you walk up to the ship with the tool already equipped, it will only allow you to enter it with F or get into the inventory with G as mentioned above).

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Space ship needs a completely flat surface to fully land (Recommended). If you land on uneven ground, you may not be able to shut down engines completely and may have trouble exiting the vehicle.
  • During Space Walk you can re-adjust your positioning by cycling between Third person and First person.
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