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An UNE astronaut wearing your best friend in off-world colonization: The space suit.

The space suit (technically a planetary surface suit, as you're not doing a spacewalk, but something just slightly less dangerous) is your best friend and only shield against the hostile environment of the planets you are going to encounter. Without it, you'll die. Even if you have it, you'll die if it is damaged or you use up its oxygen. Also see the pages Astronaut and Astronaut Health for more information.

Damage[edit | edit source]

Using patch tape restores your suit's functionality and repairs damage (+40% to suit integrity). Use it to keep it at a high level, otherwise you run the risk of breaches that can quickly sap your health. It's particularly important when facing the variety of aliens that are bound to come at you - and be very, very angry.

Suit readings[edit | edit source]

Inventory (Tab) readings are detailed and provide you with essential information. A condensed version is displayed on the heads-up display.

The best way to not die is to keep an eye on your suit readings and attend to each and every one of them. Here's the breakdown:

  • : The temperature, in degrees Celsius. The inside reads the temperature within your suit, the outside without. The HUD displays these as absolute numbers.
  • Psi: Pressure, in pounds per square inch. The same considerations apply as above.
  • Hyd - Nut: Hydration and nutrition meters.
  • Hlth - Suit: Health and suit status.
  • O2: Oxygen levels. The scrubbers inside the suit will automatically attempt to recover oxygen lost while sprinting, but their effectiveness is limited.
  • Hover fuel: How much fuel you have available for your jump jets.
  • Flash light battery: How much energy is left in your flashlight.

The following reading is only visible on the Inventory tab:

  • Water: Amount of water left in reserve.

Jump jets[edit | edit source]

Every space suit has integrated jump jets, giving it increased maneuverability in the field. Just jump, then hold the jump key. Jets allow you to clear obstacles and get on top of buildings and other natural defensive positions. Useful against aliens.