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Here are a few tips to get you going quickly in Osiris: New Dawn!

Game Tips[edit | edit source]

These are pulled from the loading screens when entering the game universe. If you see any new ones added as the game progresses, feel free to add them here!

Controls[edit | edit source]

  • Shift left click to transfer inventory instantly
  • Shift right click to drop inventory
  • Press autorun key to toggle continuous running
  • While spacewalking hold right mouse button to orient towards facing direction
  • Zoom map with right mouse button with locator equipped
  • Hold jump to hover

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Throw alien meat to distract creatures
  • Use your flashlight at night or during storms
  • Wipe your lens durring storms
  • Always keep your oxygen above 0% to allow automatic oxygen replenishing and to avoid suffocation
  • Oxygen does not replenish while spacewalking
  • Flanking bot will mount entered vehicle
  • Spacewalk by reducing ship velocity under 1km per hour
  • Equip map to read nature data including mineral nodes, trees, and plants
  • When in a vehicle go into third person this helps to get more vision

Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Unequip weapon to run faster
  • When mining hold down fire key for continuous chisel swinging (Not working more 17.06.2018)
  • Hold down fire key for pistol autofire
  • Clip reload drops remaining rounds

Player Tips[edit | edit source]

These are tips that have proved useful to players during their session in the game. Add any that you think could help others!

  • It's a good idea to build your first base near a sap tree (it's a prime source of thirst quencher for most of the game) and geysers of Hydrogen (needed for plastics) and Nitrogen (needed for hydrazine - fuel for transport). Example of a good base spot -3 Lat, -20 Long. Rubber can be mined from rubber tree at -17.8 Lat, 9.1 Long.