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Vehicles are customizable transportation methods available to the astronauts for rapid covering of vast distances, transportation of goods and resources, and more. They can be wheeled or hovering, affecting durability, speed, and maneuverability. They can be built using the Laboratory.

Current vehicles[edit | edit source]

Hover bike
Fast, sleek, and maneuverable, but unarmed with low armor. No dedicated storage inventory.

Eight wheeled all-terrain vehicle with excellent maneuverability, good durability and cargo space. A universal workhorse. (48 inv. slots)

A six-wheeled armored all-terrain vehicle, equipped with a dorsal dual laser cannon (2 inv. slots).

A bipedal, heavily armed weapons platform. Comes with a pair of heavy duty lasers by default.

At time of writing (Jan 2018) this vehicle cannot currently be built.

Space ship
A vertical take-off and landing space ship, capable of blasting across the planet in moments. Unarmed. Very Large Inventory space

10 Icon Wire.png Wire

Crab mecha
Slower than the hover bike but far better at climbing. Good for climbing on Aziel but lacks the heater other vehicles have so can lead you to freezing when on Aziel.

Cart ? While not yet implemented, the buggy is a slow but very maneuverable land vehicle. It is found it the 'Mission Compas' scenario in 'Osiris: New Dawn BTSE'. Unknown