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Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons are offensive tools used to discourage aliens from gnawing on your bones and other astronauts from stealing your resources.

List of known weapons[edit | edit source]

Firearms[edit | edit source]

Name Damage
(% critical hit)
Capacity Type
5 +/- Infinite. NOTE: Bugged as of V 1.131 Will not work. Light weapon
10 +/- Infinite Light weapon
15 +/-
Light weapon
Heavy weapon
Heavy weapon
Special weapon
Special weapon
Special weapon

Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

Name Damage
(% critical hit)
Capacity Type
6+1(10%) Melee weapon
8+2(30%) Melee weapon
4+2(50%) Melee weapon
9+3(10%) Melee weapon
20+3(5%) Melee weapon
16+2(10%) Melee weapon
10+2(50%) Melee weapon
22+2(5%) Melee weapon
14+4(50%) Melee weapon
6+4(50%) Melee Weapon