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Current Game Version: Build 0.1.156 (28 Septeber 2017)  •  Patch Notes
What is Osiris: New Dawn?

After crash landing on the planet Proteus 2, you must fight to survive the horrors of the treacherous and unforgiving planet. You are challenged to put your ingenuity to the test. With the many varied creatures roaming the land, you will need to hunt, craft, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to survive on not just Proteus 2, but other discoverable planets as well... [ Read more... ]

  • Food, water, dynamic weather including temperature
  • Extensive crafting system and resources gathering
  • Fighting against indigenous aliens
  • Research and skills
  • Persistent, large worlds and meta-universe
Upcoming features
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Latest Patch Notes

Build 0.1.156 (28 Septeber 2017)

Lost and found update.jpg

Update 0.1.156 - Lost and Found Update (Patch Notes)
Remember the good ol’ days wandering the original Proteus 2 map with your trusty sidekick O.M.P.A.? Well, we’ve re-established contact with BOTH! You read that correctly, The Lost & Found Update has brought back both the O.M.P.A. and the original Proteus 2 map.

What does this mean? It means the O.M.P.A. has been re-wired, re-worked, and revamped to be better than ever. And as for the original Proteus 2 map coming back, don’t worry about it replacing the current Proteus 2 map, it’s more of an extension. Or think of it simply as the other side of the world. Basically after crash landing on the current Proteus 2 map you can walk towards the sand dunes and be prompted to travel to the original Proteus 2 map.

For further information on additions, tweaks, and fixes in The Lost & Found Update, please see the details below.

How the O.M.P.A. Has Changed

  • You can craft multiple O.M.P.A.s (make an army of them if you please).
  • We’ve created a command menu specifically for the O.M.P.A.s, where you can control/direct 4 at any given time.
  • The O.M.P.A has its own skill tree. Meaning, it’s up to you how you want to improve its performance.
  • The O.M.P.A. now has a persistent existence, so you can fully customize its color, as well as manage its internal inventory.
  • If you lose your O.M.P.A. you can teleport it to your location for half its energy.

Original Proteus 2 Map Returning

  • You can travel to the original Proteus 2 map from the sand dunes on the current Proteus 2 map.
  • Original Proteus 2 map is now Site B, while current is Site A.
  • When traveling between Site A and B of Proteus 2, you can also do it inside as either the driver or the passenger.

Other Improvements & Fixes

  • We’ve improved traveling between planets to help reduce incidents of players losing their spaceship.
  • In single player, we’ve corrected the issue where people’s destroyed structures were reappearing.
  • Fixed an issue where the game sometimes crashed when flying a spaceship.